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The Consortium of British Component Industries

Founded 1983

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CBCI UK The Consortium of British Component Industries

UK’s downfall is in the disappearance all Component Manufacturing sectors.
UK's downfall is in the disappearance all Component Manufacturing sectors. We as a nation have to scarify for long term future. The only way to bring long term economic growth and save all of the state funded sectors is to get the children of today interested in the Manufacturing of all kinds Components.

This Consortium was formed in 1983 to campaign for the UK manufactured components. We want the Government to invest on the component industries.

The Government should encourage the manufacturers to stay in the UK by investing in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

The New Investment Policy For The Government

The Government need to offers grants to the UK component and product manufacturers. The Government must help them to buy the latest high-tech automation machines. By using all the latest technologies the UK can manufacturer better quality components and products.

Reduced Business Rates

The local Governments need to abolish or reduce business rates by 75% for small manufacturers and food producing farmers.

How to create long term economic growth for the UK?

To create long term economic growth we need to manufacture all kind of products that we are currently importing to the UK.

Civil servants keep asking us what are you trying to achieve?

Our straightforward answer to that question is LONGTERM ECONOMIC GROWTH, JOBS & Pay Rises.

By closing down the component industries in order to use imported components to manufacture consumer products do not work for our long-term economic growth.

If the people of this country just sit back and do nothing about our economic growth then the investors will not invest.

CBCI UK British Component Industries needs signatures or members in order to petition our Government to create Economic Growth.

The History Of The CBCI UK British Component Industries

CBCI UK is a non-profit organisation started by Peter Elvins in 1983 with free membership of 58 business owners in the London Borough of Hackney E8. It was known as The Consortium Of London Manufacturers.

In 2012 the name The Consortium Of London Manufacturers.was changed to CBCI UK The Consortium of UK Component Industries.

The purpose of the CBCI is to ask our Government to invest on the component manufacturing industries to produce high quality components in the UK.

In many cases UK manufacturers are being let down by using poor quality imported components and have a bad reputations both in UK and overseas. Therefore the sales dropped, factories closed down and people lost their jobs all due to components.

Now in 2013 without UK manufactured components our economic problems are getting terribly worse. UK manufacturers still do not have high quality components to manufacture the end products for export and for UK sales.

So many of our well-known high street stores are closing down and more people are out of work. At the same time the government is putting on the squeeze. Where are all these problems going to end if we don’t do anything about it?

Since our economic situations getting worse by the day we are asking people from all walks of life to join the CBCI UK and let the government know that we are serious about the our economic growth.

The UK manufacturers took the easy route by using imported components to manufacture products that got us nothing but economic failure. The Government has done nothing to help the components manufacturing industries in the UK. They are simply spending the money elsewhere and making our economic problem worse.

Most of our young generations do not know that there are components inside their computer or I-phone etc. due to lack of education.

Even though we have the world's best design engineers and inventors in this country we being let down by poor quality components.

Economic Recovery Policies For The UK

The Consortium of British Component Industries UK (CBCI UK)

    1. Save the British manufacturing industries from closer.

    2. Put forward proposals on economic development to the British Government departments.

    3. Educating on component engineering in Schools and Collages. To educate young people the value of components and how to manufacture them.

    4. To set-up and educate our young people on how to use new technology in design and manufacture components of all kinds of products.

    5. To set higher standards in the British manufactured goods.

    6. To help the small British manufacturers to obtain all of the international regulation certificates.

    7. Set-up higher standards of quality control for the British Manufacturing Industries.

    8. The labelling of the end products should include the percentage of UK components had been used.

    9. Create new employment.

    10. Improve economy growth in the UK.

The main strategy of CBCI UK was to create a demand to educate the young generations about the manufacture of components. The objective was to ask the Government to include basic engineering education programs and curriculum in secondary schools.

Who will benefit from this Consortium?

Anyone who born in UK after 1960 is conceded as young people and benefit from The Consortium of British Component Industries UK.

Why should we first learn to produce our own high quality components before manufacturing products in UK?

In the beginnings our products were totally British made. We had customers from all over the world. They bought our products because they knew that it was excellent quality and it was made to last.

The technologies have changed so we have to learn to make components in UK instead of taking the easy way and importing them.

Foreign manufacturers will never sell top grade components to their competitors not for love or money. UK is one of the main competitors.

Currently 95% of the components that British manufactured goods are imported from the Far East countries such as China, Japan and Taiwan. These countries will not sell their best components to UK manufacturers.

By using second grade cheap imported components the British manufacturers cannot produce world class products that are made to last.

Without good quality components, it is impossible to manufacture any kind high quality products.

So far what have all the successive UK governments done to help the small manufacturing sector?

The UK government have done absoulity nothing to help the manufacturing sector.

British component manufacturers close down because of cheap imported components. Very soon, British made products will deteriorate in quality and value. It did not justify branding an item as British made when 99% of the component used inside and outside are cheap imported poor quality components.

We live in a competitive manufacturing world. In this country, it is almost impossible to buy high quality British made components. The foreign manufacturers hold back all the best components for their own use. Even the external cosmetic components are impossible to find.

Until we use high quality components in our manufactured products for the export market we will not have long-term economic growth.

Therefore, we need to manufacture our own components to hold and honour the Made in UK flagship.

Every British component manufacturer who is still in business deserves a medal because they are the true British manufacturing heroes of today.

Since 1964 the founder of this consortium has written to all of our governments telling them that without British made high quality components our economic problems will never go away.

It seems our past and the present Government is pulling the wool over our eyes for too long on our economic growth. The Government’s economic growth policies are just patched up jobs. They do not want to look into the core of our problem. Perhaps it is too much hard work for them.

Since 1964 none of our Government’s economic policies have actually worked. In 2013 it’s time for this Government to change the policy and help the British component industries.

When we produce high quality manufactured products to sell on the export market only then we will see our economic growth.

Your Signatures will influence the Government and Parliament and debate in the House of Commons.

Who should join the CBCI UK?

Anyone who prefers to buy British made products should join this consortium so that the Government invests on the British Component Industries.

The membership is free to join.

If you fill strongly for high quality British component why not join The Consortium of British Component Manufacturers to make your voice heard.

Click here for you Free Membership.

If you do not wish to be a Member of the CBCI UK then perhaps you may like to submit a simple Yes or No survey form.


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