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The Consortium of British Component Industries

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Vote For British Component Industries

Please vote this campaign for British made high quality components for manufactured products. The UK cannot win the fight for economic growth without your vote.

For our long-term economic growth we must manufacture better quality than the imported products.

Be proud to be British. Let us fly the flagship again that British Goods Are Made To Last.

Show the Government that we will join force to create New Jobs & Economic Growth.

Your Signatures will influence the Government and Parliament and debate in the House of Commons.

In 2013 Peter Elvins Continues His Battle For The Manufacture Of British Made Components.

Peter Elvins have contacted both Conservative Party and Labour Party Governments requesting for components to be manufactured in UK.

Peter Elvins attempt for the British manufactured components started in 1964 when he first wrote to Harold Wilson’s Government about the problems he was with imported keyboards that he was using in the manufacture of electronic organs and pianos.

He had made many, many visits to White Hall and meetings in the Board of Trade and Industries.

In 1983 Peter Elvins invested 65,000 to form the Consortium of British Component Industries (CBCI) to persuade the Government to address the necessity of high quality component to be used by the end product manufacturers.

If you fill strongly for high quality British manufactured component why not join The Consortium of British Component Manufacturers to make your voice heard.  Read More.

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If you do not wish to be a Member of the CBCI UK then perhaps you may like to submit a simple Yes or No survey form.


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