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British Made Components For New Jobs

Add Your Vote For Government Investment On The Economic Growth For UK

If you have access to the Internet you vote right now for British made components for our economic growth.

British Made Components Will Create New Jobs

UK needs to manufacture components in order to create new jobs and long term economic growth.

Importing too many components to the UK is creating our economic crises and financial problems for many people in our country.

Currently there are only a few companies that manufactures just specialised electronic component in the UK. All the components for consumer products are imported from the Far East.

Without high quality components it is impossible to manufacture any kind of reliable products in the UK for the world market.

In general without our own make of components the economic recovery for UK will take much longer or never recover.

For our long term Economic Growth we need to develop new techniques and technologies to manufacture more products.

To overcome the above issues we submitted an e-petition for the Government to invest on the components industries in the UK.

On the 22 May 2013 the government have accepted our e-petition. We need to get 100,000 signatures to debate this issue in the House of Commons.

For that reason there is a Petition Form in the Government website where people can go and vote.

It would be a great help if you can spend three minutes of your time to vote in favour of UK made high quality electronic components.

Please visit the Government website below and fills out a short form then go to your email, confirm it and the job is done.

Your Signatures will influence the Government to debate in the House of Commons.

British Made Goods Were Made To Last Will Return

If like to become a member of the CBCI UK click here for you Free Membership Application.

If you do not wish to be a Member of the CBCI UK then perhaps you may like to submit a simple Yes or No survey form.


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