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Peter Elvins Goes On The Internet

Peter Elvins wants to Demonstrate Products on the Internet

It was beginning of winter 1997 when Peter Elvins told us about the idea of demonstrating retail products on the Internet. He asked us to go online and search the web to see if there was Live Demo for retail products already existed on the Internet.

After two months of solid search the Internet for Online Demo for retail products, we did not find any. There were no demo sites for retail products. So, Peter Elvins went to work on Live Demo for retail products.

On 10th of January 1998, our sample mock-up of retail products Live Demo was up and running on the web for the public to view. This was a bad mistake because we found that some sites had stolen our Live Demo images and content.

Sadly we had to remove the entire sample Live Demo Pages from our web site. But you can still see the Live Demo Pages in private. Please go to his Livepages website and apply to enter the Live Demo Rooms and the online fitting room interactive mirror click here.