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Peter Elvins Of Elvins Electronics Electronic Musical Instruments London UK

Welcome to the history of Peter Elvins.

Peter Elvins Says Thank You To All Of His Electronic Musical
Instruments Customers From 1961 To 1998

Since there are no British made high quality electronic components available in the UK for manufacturing electronic products, see what Peter Elvins manufacturing now.

Peter Elvins is an inventor how has actually invented and manufactured many electronic products from 1961 to 1998 however he had to stop the electronic products because he could not purchase top quality electronic components in the UK for manufacturing his inventions.

We stopped manufacturing our range of products because we couldn't buy British made high quality electronic components. We do not want to use inferior quality cheap imported components in our products.

Peter Elvins was the Sole Proprietor Of Elvins Electronic Musical Instruments London UK.

A Rock & Roll Guitar player went to manufacture electronic 32 note radial concave pedal board classical church organs.

Why did this man gave away his 25 year old business to his staff and walked away?

Since there are so many websites with Peter Elvins on the Internet these days, therefore to identify we call this site as Peter Elvins Electronics London UK. As he was involved in electronics and music based in London. He was the sole owner of Elvins Electronic Musical Instruments from late 1971 to the end of 1996.

In the1970s, he had three retail outlets from SW London to East London. In addition, he had two factories one in Hackney and the other in Southend to manufacture electronic organs and electronic pianos. Furthermore he sold by mail-order keyboard musical instruments in kit form.

In the 1980s he turned his hands on DJ mixers and took one step higher.

Peter Elvins Pioneered Inventions Electronic Musical Instruments.

Peter Elvins Electronics have actually designed or invented a number products however, he did not get the full patent for them instead he was more interested in making money.

Who is this Peter Elvins and what has he done in UK?

We know Peter Elvins spent his own money to setup a couple of consortiums. You can read more here.

We would be delighted to hear from anyone who knew Peter Elvins the Guitar Player, Electronic Engineer, Designer Inventor of Electronic Organs, Electronic Pianos, DJ Mixers in the past.

Why so many people round the globe are talking about this Peter Elvins, and his values but how much do they really know about him? One thing for sure he means what he say and uphold his words. In this web site, you can find out about a mad professor. However, we hope you will find his lifetime work, mission, achievements interesting and inspiring.

Richard Holmes is an Electronic Engineer a friend of Peter Elvins since the early 1970 and I want to say so much about this incredible man and we are not sure where to begin.

From the beginning of 1960s and end of 1970, Peter Elvins was well known in the UK British Musical Manufacturing industry for his electronic organs and electronic pianos.

Peter Elvins The Guitar Player

Even though he was not a guitar legend never the less, he was the one of the luckiest musician in the early 1960s. His breakthrough came while he was still in university when he was offered guitarist job in a big band playing six nights a week.

Peter Elvins started his working life as Big Band guitar player in Birmingham. He was playing in jazz nightclubs while he was still learning to play the guitar. In 1961 he moved to London and worked with small pop groups. While he was a musician, he was also heavily involved designing electronic keyboard musical instruments and guitar sound effects. In the early sixties, he designed the first touch sensitive piano. He also worked as a freelanced electronic engineer

While working as a freelance electronic design engineer and as an musician he wanted to manufacture his own musical instruments.

In the second half of the 1960s he made the touch sensitive electronic piano in a spare room that he rented below his flat Queen's Park north west London. Elvins Electronic Musical Instruments was established in 1971. He opened his first retail shop in Putney selling electronic organs and electronic piano in both forms fully made up and DIY kit form.

Back in the seventies, we have seen many good things said about his in business magazines and in newspapers. At present, these editorials are not to hand. As time permits, we will add as much information as we find and gather them so, please make frequent visit here.

David Godwin Hampstead Heath London From , Mr. Mrs. Peter Bells Colchester Essex, Mr. Mrs. Erick Little Tonbridge Kent, who knows Peter Elvins since the early sixties said that he is a genius inventor. The press called him the man with the mission.

At the end when it all got too much for him he latterly gave away the lot stock and barrel of his business to his staff.

Some of us here at Savelink also known him since 1973 and we can say that he is straightforward. He means whatever he says and most of all he is an extremely generous man that we have came across.

All of the electronic components that he was using came from the Far East Asia. Most of those components were not to his standards. Components such as integrated circuits, capacitors, switches, potential meters had to be thrown away in the bin as rejects.

He also had problems with the Italian keyboard manufactures. Every shipment of keyboards was different and did not fit the cabinets and printed circuit boards. All this simply slowed down his production line.

However, due to the poor quality of the components why Peter Elvins closed his manufacturing business and gave the retail business to his employees in 1996.

We will be more than happy to hear from anyone who knows this Peter Elvins or if you have something in common that you wish to share.

Be our guest and have a good look around. Go to Track Record page and you can read some of things that he had done in the past.

However, we started this web site on Monday 20 November 2000. At this stage, we do not know when we will complete site.


Contributors: Paul Robson, James Cartwright, Harry Flower.

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