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Elvins Kill Switches Units and Kill Switch DJ Mixers

Peter Elvins the original inventor of the kill switch mixers and now the DJ Vamper fights for the best British made electronic components. Peter Elvins refuses to use any cheap imported components in his equipment. If you want the best that is made to last go and vote for UK made components now.

Elvins says when there are supplies of high quality components in the UK then they will custom build the top notch dedicated mixers to serve the hottest dance, hip hop, and club music DJs of the 2020's.

What Are Kill Switches In DJ Mixers?

The name KILL SWITCHES in audio equipment was invented in the early 1970s Peter Elvins. The term KILL SWITCHES means it kills any chosen frequencies dead. Which means in DJ mixers with kill switches the DJ can kill in any combination all the Bass, all the Mids or all the tops. Also, the KILL SWITCHES also allows the DJ to play any combination just the Bass, Mid or tops separately or mix or swap between channels. This means the DJ can kill the Bass in channel "A" and play the Bass from channel "B" likewise with the Mids and Tops.

The Latest is for the 2020's Vampmix Kill Switches

Touch Sensitive Kill Switch
Made for High Speed Rhythmic Killing & Swapping
different frequencies from Channels by touch.

The V808 DJ Vamper Is DJ's Own Full Streo Musical Instrument

The Vamper is much more than a mixer kill switch. The Vamper is a new musical instrument especially invented for the modern DJs. The Vamping in and out sounds creates DJ’s visual impact.

However, even the Granddad DJs can master it with a bit of rhythm in the soul and little practice.

The above Elvins V808DJ Vamper replaces the old kill switches. This is a musical instrument especially designed for the innovative DJ musician. You hit the Bass, Mid, Treble solid Vamp pads with your fingertips.

The Vampmix techniques are to be able to swap bass, mid and top between channels very fast in rhythmic pattern just like playing Bongo Drums with your fingertips.

The True Story Of The Kill Switches In DJ Mixers

What happened to Elvins Kill Switch DJ mixers?

One of the Kill Switch mixers the Elvins MX44 was stolen from the shop then copied and manufactured under the name of Intermediation by an ex-employee.

Peter said, "Since Steven stole my kill switches, I have invented something else that is ten times better. Very soon he will close his business". If he phones and asks for a job in my store I will tell him to get lost. And here is the Touch Sensitive Vampmix Kill Switches.

The Kill Switches was invented and manufactured by Peter Elvins In the early days the Kill Switches was included in Star fire Preamps, Mx4 Preamps, Mx44 DJ Mixers and GEC10 Graphic Equaliser Crossover freestanding units.

The MX44 Kill Switch mixer was advertised in DJ magazines, Kiss FM Radio voiceover by Graham Gold and exhibited in various DJ equipment trade shows.

It was also taken to the USA for market research funded by the Board of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Soon after the Kiss FM Radio ads, Stephen Carroll joined, the firm’s the retail shop Dalston Sound and Lights in Hackney London as sales assistant/trainee manager to sell the Kill Switch DJ mixers.

Peter Elvins showed the Kill Switches Stephen Carroll and trained him how to use them.

Stephen Carroll left the Dalston Sound and Lights after seven weeks. Then a week later he pleaded for his old job back. He worked for five and a half days Monday to Saturday and left firm again on that Saturday evening.

On the following Monday morning when the shop open they noticed one MX44 Kill Switch Mixer was missing from a locked showcase. Stephen Carroll had the keys for the showcase when he was employed in the shop.

Stephen Carroll also had the access to the workshop at back of the shop where printed circuit boards, sub units, circuit diagrams and assembly instructions were kept.

There was a photocopier in the shop therefore, it was easy him to make copies of the circuit diagrams.

About ten months later Stephen Carroll return to Dalston Sound and Lights with a imitation of Elvins MX44 Kill Switch Mixer. He evidently reproduce the MX44, named it DON under his own new company Intermediation and tried to sell.

The Kill Switches took off like wildfire because Peter Elvins already done all hard marketing, promotions and the groundwork including USA. Without that, Stephen Carroll could not have succeeded because no one knew him and his new company Intermediation.

He falsely claimed that he invented the Kill Switches and patented it. However the DJ equipment industry all ready knew about Elvins Kill Switches and Kill switch Mixers through press release and radio advertisements and trade shows.

Stephen Carroll patented protections of no value. Therefore, other DJ equipment manufactures included Kill Switches in their mixers. All the other manufacturers made better mixers than the Intermediation.

Stephen Carroll could not do anything about any of other manufacturers because he knew that his patent was worthless and do not stand a chance of fighting legal battle. Very soon his mixers were not selling. His mixers were left in shops as unsold. Stephen Carroll had to close down his Intermediation.

So, what are Kill Switches and how do they work? The functions of the Kill Switches are to kill the Bass, Mid and Top frequencies of the music using mechanical switches. Normally there are two main channels in a DJ mixer, channel A and channel B. The DJ can play music in both channels at the same time. The mixture of the two different music sound can be heard if the Crossfader Slider Control Knob is somewhere near the middle.

Kill Switches allows the DJ to play just the Bass line from a piece of music by simply switching off the Mid and Top frequencies. Also, you may have heard the Bass line mixed from a different piece of music from another channel. Also by using the Kill Switches, the DJ simply killed off the Bass line in channel A and killed off the Mid and Top and played only the Bass line from channel B.

You will see the Kill Switches in the latest mixers on the market. Kill Switches has been around over thirty years in the DJ mixing industry.

Elvins DJ Mixing Equipment and the Kill Switch

Elvins manufactured the world's first DJ Mixer Kill Switches in 1973. Elvins advertised the Kill switches in the Kiss FM Radio station and in DJ magazines.

Elvins Electronic Musical Instruments manufactured and sold a range of custom-made DJ Mixers with Kill Switch.

Elvins Electronic Musical Instruments manufactured three Kill Switch mixers Star Fire Kill Switch Pre-amp, MX4 Kill Switch Pre-amp Mixer, MX44 Kill Switch Mixer, Kill Switch Crossover/Graphic Equalizers and sold direct to the DJs.

Elvins Kill Switch DJ Mixer Stolen by a sales assistant.

In 1985 some twelve years later since launch of the world's first Kill Switch Star Fire Pre-amp an employee who worked as a sales assistant for eight weeks in 1985 in Dalston Sound and Light, London, UK, copied the MX44 Mixer design and patented the Kill Switches under his name and later produced the Intimidation mixers. Since then other manufacturers are using the Kill switch system as their standard feature in the DJ mixers.

The Intimidation kill switch patent protection was not fit for it's purpose because the worldwide DJ equipment manufacturers already knew the Elvins Kill Switches from the 1970's.

The Intimidation kill switch did not have valid patent protection because other mixer manufacturers knew that Peter Elvins was the original inventor of the kill switches.

Elvins said "we will not use any cheap imported components in our products. When UK manufactures high quality components only then we shell return."