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The History of the Touch Sensitive Electronic Pianos

Since 1969 To Date Elvins Was The Only Manufacturer Ever To Have Produced Touch Sensitive Electronic Pianos In The UK


The above pictures of the two pianos are of the 1970s modals. Reproduce from an old leaflet. We will be delighted to hear from anyone who might any pictures of Elvins custom-made pianos of the 1960s.

In 1960s, there were other make of electronic pianos on the market but they did not have touch sensitive keyboard. Fender Rhodes piano was electro mechanical and not electronic.

What is Electronic Touch Sensitive Piano?

Here Touch Sensitive Piano means velocity in sound that is harder you hit the keys louder the sound like conventional pianos.

During the early 1960 even though there was so called Electronic Pianos on the market even before Peter Elvins went into the Electronic Musical Instrument Manufacturing Industry. Actually they were nothing like Pianos because they did not have any velocity in sound. Other makes of Electronic Pianos keyboards did not have dynamic sound range that respond with touch.

When silicon transistors arrived on the market Peter Elvins started to use them on Elvins Electronic Touch Sensitive Piano circuits such as capacitor discharge to reproduce the sounds of the conventional pianos.

The first Elvins Touch Sensitive Piano was born in 1963 in a private house back room Queen Park NW9 London UK and Peter Elvins filed and obtain a provisional patent.

However, towards the end of 1969, someone picked up the idea and wrote articles in the Electronic magazines. BBC also showed a version in Tomorrow’s World program. At about the same time USA and Japan started their mass productions. Almost all of the Japanese Hi-Fi manufactures jumped on the bandwagon.

In the beginning of 1972 he opened his first retail shop in Putney in SW London UK and a factory in Great Wakering in Essex UK and another small factory and showroom in a separate building owned by Peter Elvins were both in Hackney, East London. Sadly the Elvins Electronic Touch Sensitive Piano manufacturing closed down in 1999 due to short supply of high quality electronic components in the UK.