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A true story about Peter Elvins achievements perhaps it throws some light and inspirations for future generation of young people.

He said in those days we had loads of good British made components. Most electronic products were using valves also known as tubes. Not many types of silicone transistors either and certainly there was no silicone integrated circuit chips readily available in the UK.

Actually, as teenager he was developing his electronic skills in 1955 using valves (tubes) such UBC42, EBC42 then later OC45 germanium transistors, followed by silicon transistors and ended up using integrated circuits in late 1960.

Peter Elvins led the way for others to follow as early as 1962 when started designing Electric Guitar Sound Effects and Electronic Keyboard Musical Instruments such as Touch Sensitive Pianos.

His record of accomplishment shows that he made other people very much wealthier than himself and it seems that does not really bother him. He said from the early days of his life he do not like touching money with his hands. This is because he had seen people lick their thumb when counting money. Money breeds germs and smells foul. Even now he washes his after touching any money.

Peter Elvins has that good habit of making other people to become rich. We can see the history repeating again in a wider scale with his Internet marketing projects. This time round, he is making ten of thousands of people rich.

How Did Peter Elvins Made His Money?

The fact is everyone needs money so how did he made his money?

At first, Peter Elvins worked as a musician. He did not wanted to be known as just another Guitarist and had other ideas for sound effects for electric guitars. As he had electronics background after awhile he worked as freelance electronic design engineer.

He said in the early 60s that London was the place where manufacturers were keen in his ideas during that time.

Elvins Electronic Musical Instruments

In 1971, Peter Elvins opened his own Musical Instruments business establishment in Putney London UK.

It was known as the Elvins Electronic Musical Instruments which did the manufacturing and selling direct to the public.

The company designed and manufactured Electronic Keyboard Musical Instruments such as Electronic Organs, Electronic Touch Sensitive Pianos, Synthesizers and the world famous 'X' shaped portable stands used for Keyboard Instruments.

They sold their products directly to the public on the International mail order market. Elvins had customers from as far away as Singapore, Australia, Japan, West Indies and USA.

In the early seventies while he busily occupied in protecting the workings and circuit diagram of the Electronic Touch Sensitive Piano. Someone else took the design of the foldaway keyboard stands for mass productions. You can see these X shaped stands every music shops round the globe.

So you see, Peter Elvins made that person very rich. Read on more to come how he made other people wealthy.

Original X shaped freestanding collapsible stand

Original X shaped freestanding collapsible folding stand designed by Peter Elvins especially for Electronic Pianos in 1973. The stand has crossbar at the bottom, which supports the loud pedal and serves as high adjuster.


The story about how the X shaped portable stand originated to the musical instrument industries.

We are talking about the portable keyboard stand shown here is because most people have seen these type stands featured on the TV music shows.

In those days in the early 1970s, all of the portable keyboards were using screw-on lags. Peter Elvins wanted a freestanding collapsible stands for his electronic pianos. Therefore, he asked an engineering company to design a freestanding collapsible prototype stand. The company did not make a prototype stand. Instead, they made up parts to manufacture 1000 stands and invited Peter Elvins to their factory for his approval. When Peter Elvins went to their factory they tried to assemble a stand but it did not work. The stand kept sliding down and did not fit for the purpose. The stand had too many components such as gear wheels, cork wheels, leaver handles, brackets, nuts and bolts. Furthermore, it took 35 minutes to assemble.

Therefore Peter Elvins rejected them.

Some months later Peter Elvins designed the adjustable X shaped free-standing collapsible stands and it was exhibited in the British Musical Instruments Trade Fair in 1973. Other manufacturers saw stand and copied the idea. That was how the X shaped stands originated.

In August 1973 the X shaped freestanding collapsible folding stands together with Pianos were exhibited in the British Musical Instruments Trade Fair in London UK.

That was when other people got the idea of the X shaped stand for mass productions and became very wealthy.

Peter Elvins Next Invention

Elvins DJ Mixing Equipment and the Kill Switch History

Elvins DJ Mixer Kill Switches also made another extremely rich.

Elvins manufactured the world's first DJ Mixer Kill Switches in 1973.

World's first Bass Kill, Mid Kill, and Treble Kill functions in DJ Mixers

Elvins had manufactured and sold a range of custom-made DJ Mixers with Kill Switch since 1973.

Elvins Electronic Musical Instruments manufactured and sold direct to the DJs.

Elvins Electronic Musical Instruments manufactured three Kill Switch mixers Star Fire Kill Switch Pre-amp, MX4 Kill Switch Pre-amp Mixer, MX44 Kill Switch Mixer and one Kill Switch Crossover/Graphic Equalizers.

In 1985 some twelve years later since launch of the world's first Kill Switch Star Fire Pre-amp an employee who worked as a sales assistant for eight weeks in 1985 in Dalston Sound and Light, London, UK Mixer copied the MX44 Mixer design and patented the Kill Switches under his name and produced the Intimidation mixers. Since then other manufacturers are using the Kill switch system as their standard feature in the DJ mixers.

Peter Elvins Next Invention

Peter Elvins Strike Back With The Vamper

After employee who worked as a sales assistant stole the Kill switches Peter Elvins invented the Vampmix.

The Latest Innovative DJ Mixing Technique Ten Times Better than The Kill Switches.


The Vampmix is a new art of mixing music frequencies from different channels. The system uses Frequency Filter Network controlled by touch sensitive pads. Bass Vamp and Kill, Mid Vamp and Kill, Treble Vamp and Kill. Vamp means Enhance different frequencies. Kill means to Kill different frequencies, Swap means exchange different frequencies between the channels. All of these functions done by using touch sensitive solid pads and not mechanical switches.

The touch responds of the pads are Instantaneous. This is ten time faster than clicking the mechanical Kill switches. The Vamper's electronic touch sensitive switches produces very high speed transfer of sound that allows the DJ to live DUB over rhythmic beat of sounds from the same channel or from opposite channel.

Once again, Elvins lead the way in new DJ mixing technology with VAMPMIX system others will follow in twenty years time from now.

Peter Elvins Next Invention

Elvins Hi-fi Loudspeakers

Elvins designed and manufactured unique shaped transmission line hi-fi loudspeakers. Each and every pair individually tuned to reproduce clean and natural sound.

Peter Elvins Next Invention

The CBCI Consortium

In 1983 Peter Elvins started The Consortium of London Manufacturers then the Consortium of British Component Industries (CBCI).

From 1971 to 1998 Elvins Electronic Musical Instruments manufactured Electronic Organs, Electronic Touch Sensitive Pianos, DJ Mixers, Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, Sound Effects etc.

Elvins suffered the downturn in the supply of high quality electronic components. He could not buy British made high quality components.

In the early 1960s there was good supply British made components. From 1970 onwards the British component manufactures started to shut down one by one.

Elvins suffered the downturn in the supply of high quality electronic components. He could not buy British made high quality components for love or money.

At the end all of the electronic components used by Elvins were foreign made and the components were inferior quality. He could not get the correct type of components to be used in his designs. First, it was the Italians massed about with the supply of bare keyboards then the electronic components for the manufacture of electronic organs and electronic pianos.

The Italians did not supply consistent type of keyboards on every shipment. The keyboards were different every shipment so they did not fit the organ consoles and the piano cabinets and some of the printed circuit boards.

Then the problem came from the electronic components manufacturers mainly Japan. The Japanese manufacturers did not want to supply high quality components to UK manufacturers. Mainly because the Japs did not want any competition from the UK manufacturers.

Elvins could not buy high quality audio control sliders and high quality switches especially. Peter Elvins attempted to approach the Board of Trade and Industries in search of help and failed.

Peter Elvins Invested Money On British Made Components

Due to the above reasons, in 1990 Peter Elvins spent in access of £65,000 (sixty five thousand pounds) to form the Consortium of British Component Industries (CBCI). Most of his money was spent on staff, advertising and the running cost of the Consortium.

There is more to come.

In 1991, the Concretive Government with John Major and Michael Heseltine launched a City Challenge Programme. They were giving away the City Challenge Money.

During that time Elvins Electronic was based in Hackney the (CBCI) was also started in Hackney. The Hackney Counsel knew about the (CBCI) so the approched him to use the (CBCI) in order to put a bid for the City Challenge Money.

The Hackney Counsel asked Peter Elvins if they could use Consortium of British Component Industries (CBCI) as it was set up for the purposes of developing British made components. They told him that they have a strong chance in the bid of getting £21, 000000 (twenty one million pounds) if they used Consortium of British Component Industries (CBCI). In return, they promised to help the Consortium if they get the money.

Yes, Hackney Counsel did get the City Challenge Money.

However, once Hackney Counsel got the City Challenge Money it became a different story. They told Peter Elvins that helping component Industries is part of the offices of the central Government.

No, Hackney Counsel did did not help the CBCI as promised.

Once again Peter Elvins was back to square with the supply British made Component. He wrote to Michale Horword and no reply.

Overall, he did not receive any kind of help from any Governments. Peter Elvins simply wasted his money trying to help other people.

Peter Elvins also said that the true meaning of “British Made flagship is only when all components used in a product are British made. He said without the use of British made components he will not label his products as British made.

Peter Elvins Next Invention

Peter Elvins puts his hands on the web developments.

Please use the links below to read more about the Live Demo Pages Online Demo Room for Retail Products and Online Fitting Room for Clothes.

Peter Elvins Next Invention

The World’s First Motor Vehicle Speed Control Alarm

The Elvins Speed Control Alarm warns when the driver of a motor vehicle exceeds the speed limits inside the speed restricted zone.

Peter Elvins Next Invention

We are wondering what will come next. He said "we will not use any cheap imported components in our products. When UK manufactures high quality components only then we shell return."